Balanced Gamer Challenge Poster – Summer Update

Balanced Gamer Challenge poster with achievement tracks partially scratched off

We had a bit of a turbulent spring, so we didn’t try very hard to make progress on our Balanced Gamer Challenge Poster, but we’ve still managed to complete a few of the tasks over the past couple of months. Here are the next things we’ve been able to scratch off:

Sunlight = Overrated

This badge was for watching all of videos in a single Dice Tower top 100 series in a weekend. We powered through the 2021 list over a holiday weekend (and decided that still counted as a single weekend!).

We played games and worked on puzzles throughout, but it was fun time.


Oh, no … an excuse to bling out a game? I’m all in! I bought a set of upgraded pieces for Dungeon Petz, one of my favorite games. Of course, I totally forgot to unwrap them the first time we played after I had bought the pieces though. D’oh!

Falkor Values

We had our friend over to play Talisman. She and I had played this several years ago as a demo at our friendly local game store and had a blast. I had purchased it soon after, but we haven’t gotten to the table more than once or twice.

Unfortunately, our memory of the game was far more positive that our experience this time. It’s soooo lucky and random that we kind of just wanted the game to be over. But, we did manage a 3+ hour game.

Of course, if we had waited a month, we would have easily had that with Sleeping Gods. Oh well.

What’s next? I’m not sure! But I suspect my A-Z game play throughs will soon bring us to a game that Tom Vasel hated, so that’s something to look forward to. ?

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  1. Sleeping Gods is so much fun! I’m
    mildly obsessed! So happy to have discovered a creature along the way who can help extend the game. 😊

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