Balanced Gamer Challenge Poster

One of the rewards from the 2020 Dice Tower Kickstarter was the “balanced gamer” challenge poster. This is a poster with areas that can be scratched off as you do various achievements. I thought it would be fun to track our progress on this poster as we go. (And by “we” I mean Mr. MeeplePhD and myself — we’ve decided to work through it together!)

Some of the achievements are fairly easy for us, while others are going to take planning and time. In January, we achieved the following:

Midnight Oil

This one was to play games for 8 or more straight hours. This was super-easy for us — we often do this with our friend (who is part of our COVID-bubble) on Saturdays.

That particular day we played Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, Unfair, Kodama, Valley of the Kings, and Unlock: Expedition: Challenger (from the Exoctic Adventures box). But, honestly, nearly every Saturday we play games for 8 hours straight!

Before It Was Cool

This achievement was to playtest a game. I was already in on a playtest of a game expansion, so we included one of our plays for this achievement. I haven’t asked the designer about posting about it, so I’m not going to reveal the name here, but I’m looking forward to seeing the final game!

Taken to School

This achievement was to learn and play three games in a single day. We used this opportunity to rent a game we’ve wanted to try from our local game cafe (they’re renting games, since they can’t have in-person play right now due to the latest COVID surge). That one was Islebound by Ryan Laukat — we love most of his games, and hadn’t tried this one.

We also played a couple of games off of our shelf of opportunity — Stellar and The Magnificent — both were acquisitions on my last trip to our friendly local game store.

We’re looking forward to exploring the rest of the poster and trying some new things!

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