Cosmic Game Connections: Space Donuts and Factory Funner

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory recently announced that for the first time they had imaged the dusty ring around a type of galaxy called an active galactic nucleus. This dusty “donut” is integral to a model that unifies a veritable zoo of AGN subclassifications, making this observation particularly noteworthy. Find out more about these dusty donuts and how it connects the game Factory Funner.

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2 Replies to “Cosmic Game Connections: Space Donuts and Factory Funner

  1. Question about the article. Is the quasar bright in visible light or something else? Is it brighter near the supermassive black hole because light is released somehow when material crosses the event horizon?

    1. The light is bright in nearly all wavelengths – each showing us different processes at work near the black hole.

      As for the light being released – it’s essentially due to the material’s acceleration on its way toward the event horizon.

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