A to Z Gaming: Holiday Fluxx

We collected holiday-themed items in the ever-changing game of Holiday Fluxx, the next in our A-Z game play-through.

Basic Info: Holiday Fluxx
Players: 2-5
Time: 20 Minutes
Designer: Andrew Looney
Artist: Ali Douglass
Publisher: Looney Labs

Fluxx, and all of its themed siblings, is a card game that starts out relatively easily with players each having a hand of three cards and simply drawing and playing a card on their turn. However, the rules start to change, making it more and more complex. Eventually someone will play a Goal, and the first person to satisfy the active Goal – with Keepers in front of them – wins the game.

The game is set up with the Basic Rules card placed in the center of the table, the deck of cards shuffled and three cards dealt the each player.

The cards come in a few varieties – Keepers are played in front of a player and stay there throughout the game unless stolen or discarded due to Keeper Limit restrictions, New Rules change the rules, Goals define the win condition, and Actions change things up even more.  Every rule can be changed – different goals, hand-limits introduced, drawing more cards each turn, playing more cards each turn, and limits on the number of Keepers in front of you.

The first player to have the necessary Keepers in front of them to fulfill the current Goal immediately wins the game.

In each Fluxx variant, the theming is everything. As the name implies, Holiday Fluxx concentrates on various holidays and the items associated with those holidays. The new rules are also thematic. For example, there was a Rule card called “Regifting” that allowed you to move Keepers around.

The original Fluxx was one of the first games in our collection, and Holiday Flux was one of the first Fluxx variants I picked up. I got it so that we could bring it with us on our trips home at Christmas – it seemed like a great family-friendly theme for wherever we found ourselves on those trips.

I do like the style of art in this edition; however, there are other themes that I like better. Plus this one is very simple, with no Creepers (which make it harder to win). I definitely like other editions better.

How is it as a 2-player game?  Fluxx in general isn’t a great 2-player game. It plays fine, but the game just works better with more players changing the rules, replacing the goals, and generally creating chaos.

How about the art and component quality? I like the art of this variant. The cards themselves are good quality, and they come in a sturdy box.

Will this stay in my collection?  Probably not. We already have several varieties of Fluxx, and this is among my least favorite. I had picked it up as a good one to bring with me on my Christmas visits home, but we’ve gotten everyone into better games since then!

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