A to Z Gaming: Pink Hijinks

Pink hijinks board with three same-sized pyramids on one side of the board

We pushed around bright pyramids in Pink Hijinks, the next game in our A-Z game shelf play-through.

Basic Info: Pink Hijinks
Players: 2
Time: 5 Minutes
Designers: Andrew Looney
Artists: n/a
Publisher: Looney Labs

Pink Hijinks is one of the “pyramid” games from Looney Labs. It is an abstract game where players are moving the pyramids to adjacent spots around a 3×3 grid, stacking them when possible. Whoever can push all of the pyramids to the other player’s side or can get three of the same-sized pyramids alone on their side of the board will win.

The game is set up with the 3×3 board in the center of the table. The pyramids are set up in the middle row stacked largest to smallest, with one stack on each square. The die is placed nearby.

The row of three squares closest to each player is “theirs.” On their turn, the active player will roll the die and then move one of the depicted pyramids (by size) to one adjacent spot. Same-sized or smaller pyramids can be stacked on each other. When moving a pyramid, all pyramids stacked on top of it come along for the ride. Any player can move a pyramid into a player’s row, but pyramids can only be moved out of their row by the given player.

The goal is to either force all pyramids into your opponent’s side or to have all three of one size of pyramid filling your row. Whoever manages that first, will win.

I’m pretty sure Andrew picked this up at some point. It has been on our shelf for a while, but we haven’t been super motivated to try. Abstract games aren’t really our thing, and this one didn’t do anything to change that. It was fine and could be a good quick filler for players who like abstract games, but wasn’t really for us.

How is it as a 2-player game? Pink Hijinks is a game designed for two players, and its fine as a 2-player game.

How about the art and component quality? The pyramids are nice and satisfying to move around, though we had some trouble with the rough bottoms of the pyramids sticking to the cloth board.

Will this stay in my collection? Nope. I can’t see this coming back to the table again.

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