Inside the Box: Store-bought organizer

Before I tried my hand at making my own organizer (for Mysterium), I discovered The Broken Token*. (There are certainly others out there who sell organizers, but I have not yet tried anyone else.)

I don’t buy one for every game out there, but if it’s a game I play a lot AND it’s a pain to get out with lots of tokens, chits, cards, and pieces, then I will go looking to see if one exists. My latest acquisition is the one for Oceanos – the game that was my #1 played game of 2017 with 19 plays.

The ones from Broken Token are made from a light wood and come packed flat with instructions for assembly.

So, armed with the instructions and some wood glue and an hour or two of time (or more for some of the inserts with even more pieces), the various trays and card holders come together.

There are often some special touches in the organizers, too. For example, in my Oceanos organizer, the trays for the submarines are all marked with the name of the submarine** in a font matching the particular sub. The card tray included waves on the side and the levels punched in the back. And, on top of that, there was a little treasure box for the treasure tokens.

These inserts make game set up so much easier and faster. The cards are in a tray, which can just be pulled out of the box and put on the table. The tokens and chits are organized by player, so you only need to pull out the ones you need.

And it all fits so neatly in the box!

And these are the baggies I was able to ditch.

*Of course, about two months after I made my own Mysterium insert, The Broken Token made one, too. Oh well…I’m proud of mine.

** This was how I found out there was a promo submarine – Daisy, a unicorn sub. UNICORN! And then I had to track it down…from France. Yeah.

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