Game Night: February Double-Header Edition

This past weekend was game night at our house, and since it was a long weekend, we were able to host two different game groups, one on Saturday and another on Sunday.

Saturday was our normal game-night-gang, but since the forecast included a wintry-mix with up to an inch or two of snow, we had a number of last-minute cancellations. In the end, there were four of us – an intimate night, which meant we could stay together the whole evening.

We started by learning Cat Lady, which I had just picked up at the game store Saturday morning. It’s a fast-playing card-drafting and resource management game where each player is collecting cats. At game-end, you score points for each cat you have completely fed and points for items.

Then we moved on to two deck-builders – Clank! and Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. At that point, the sun had gone down, and the temperature was dropping, which meant the roads could be getting icy, so we called an early night. Andrew and I pulled out The Networks – another new acquisition – to try it out.

Sunday’s game night was in part to advance one of our games of Pandemic Legacy Season 2, with the added bonus of celebrating our friend Laurie’s birthday.

Of course we started with Pandemic – winning our second attempt of January. Then we pushed our luck to win February as well!

Aurora helped us with Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle…sadly, we still failed.

And we capped the evening with Wizards of the Wild and a new-to-us expansion of T.I.M.E Stories – the Endurance Expedition.

What’s your favorite game to play on a snowy day?

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